Exercises For Losing Weight: 6 Easy Sit Down Choices That Really Work

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Exercises For Losing Weight
Exercises For Losing Weight

If youve moved mountains to lose weight and its just a war that you feel you cant win dont lose heart.

The thing to remember is that all of us have failed at it,but thats not what matters. is just Gods way of letting you know that, that particular method is not for you.

As Winston Churchill once told a group of students. The secret to my success is never give up, never give up, never give up. Dont give up begin walking!

I personally discovered walking for weight loss by accident after trying every program in the arsenal.

At first I just took a cd player and did a short twenty minute walk (an hour a day is whats reccomended) then worked up to an hour, no big deal.

What I noticed is a steady change in my health,fat loss and physical strength.

I didnt go on much of a diet regimine, I didnt get on the scale every morning and stress, I just DID IT Believe me this will work for you when nothing else will.

So what if we want to lose a serious amount of weight? Lets get started with a cleanse and a good nutrition program (preferably organic).

If you follow the outline of what Ive given you here you have every chance of losing 15 lbs or more per month.

Walking for weight loss is your ticket out of the pain and social stigma that overweight can be. I have provided some tips below to help you along.

Tips for losing weight

1. The first and foremost thing you should do is go through your pantry and/or refrigerator and do a label check.

Toss the junk (this is the reality face it). Get rid of trans fats completely these are deadly and you should never consume them.

Keep minimizing unhealthy saturates until these are non-existant as well. Concentrate instead on saturates that promote your well being. Walnuts, salmon, flaxseed oil.

These are allowances which if used in moderation will get you where youre going. Once the bad fats are eliminated you will find that the weight comes off more easily and naturally.

2. Try walking on an incline whenever possible, this isnt just good strength training as some people think.

It will actually decrease your blood sugar and is a good cardio exercise.

It will increase the circulation over time and your mental focus will be sharper, your libido will stop by for a visit

3. There are some obvious points to remember that some wont take into account.

Always stay hydrated. Your muscles will talk back to if you dont give them what they want, namely water.

4. Diabetics should always snack on something before walking for weight loss as blood sugar can lower quickly during any excercise.

5. What my personal big gun is for health is a juicer. You can purchase this little miracle at any wal-mart store and you will be rewarded.

Your skin, hair and nails will glow and you will take on a radiance you havent seen in years.

Try the wide mouth kind as it keeps you from having to slog through the chopping process.

The vegetables/fruit can just be put in whole.I stay with the green vegetables, cucumber and apple as a sweetner.

6. Finally, walking for weight loss is not something you have to do alone.

This can be a romance booster. Its a great way to find intimate time with your spouse, lover, family and friends.Its simple and something anyone can do together as it lends itself to open conversation

Conclusion of exercises for losing weight

And one more tip, never eat past the point of being full.

This will expand the stomach and just cause more hunger later which is a vicious cycle in your eating habits.

So whats it going to be?

Are you going to procrastinate and put this off for another year and watch your life pass you by? Dont!

Take your favorite music, your dog or your iguana, I dont care but TAKE ACTION NOW!

Whatever you need as a motivational tool get it and just do it. You will find that walking for weight loss is the only cheap and simple resource that will help you get it off and keep it off. To your success in all endeavors.


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