Stephen Fry Weight Loss Story

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Stephen Fry Weight Loss
Stephen Fry Weight Loss

The renowned actor, writer and anchor Stephen Fry has dramatically cut down 6 stones in 6 month. In the month of December he weighed 21 stones and now its only 15 st. & 7 pounds.

He now looks like his own shadow. At the age of 51 he has set a great example.

Let us check out some points that would explain us the secret of Stephen Fry weight loss:

  • He explains, “towards the end of last year, I realized that with my height, I badly need to do something about my weight. Else, some day, I might start looking like a 6 feet high giant.” The first step that he took in this regard was to quit potatoes, sugar and bread. In the first month itself I could feel some difference.
  • Since then, he has almost pledged to eat healthy foods only. Now he has also quit eating red meat.
  • Earlier the actor used to mock at the people who went to the gym. Now he says, “I am one among the ‘transformed people’ and loves to go to the gym.”
  • Another secret of Stephen Fry weight loss is that he walks 5 miles everyday. It is not necessary to go for a morning walk. He prefers to walk up for his meetings. The interesting part is that he gives the credit for his soothing walks to the audio books. The writer elaborates: “Listening to the audio books of my favorite authors, I can walk for hours together. This way they can clearly see that I’m busy with something. These days I am listening Tim West reading Anthony Trollope.”

Diet and exercise are a sure means to lose weight and become fit. They also call for a lot of determination. To enhance their impact you may try having Acai Berry Diet and Colon Cleansers.

Acai is a wonder fruit from Brazil that was first introduced by Oprah Winfrey. She used it to lose weight when she was 200 pounds. Some details of this ‘true superfood’ are given here:

  • This fruit has a lot of nutrients that help you lose weight become fit. These include vitamins, amino acids, healthy fatty acids, minerals, etc.
  • The most important one among all is the anti oxidant known as anthocyanin. This fruit is now ranked No. 1 of the diet charts of many experts as its ORAC value is around 70,000 units.
  • It helps you control your appetite naturally.
  • It cleanses away all the toxins from the body.
  • It is known to strengthen the immune system.
  • It is a sure prevention as well as cure of all digestion issues.
  • You would come across many success stories of this diet supplement online. Most of them say that it helped them reduce 5 pounds in the first few weeks itself, that too, without any exercises.

Along with it, you can choose to combine the natural colon cleansers. They are the best means to reduce the fat accumulated in and around the abdomen area.

Using a combination of Stephen Fry weight loss tips and acai & colon diet, one can achieve the goal to become fit quite easily with out any side effects.


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