David Smith Success Weight Loss Story

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David Smith Success Weight Loss Story
David Smith Success Weight Loss Story

David Smith sounds quite a common name, but he is a remarkable person. At the age of 32, he weighed 630 pounds in the year 2003.

By 2007, he became 229 pounds. The amazing weight loss of 401 pounds in 26 months makes him a true celebrity.

Given here is David Smith weight loss story that would surely inspire you to become fit:

  • The doctors had given him only 4 years to live. He was very shy and had no social life. Then he wrote an email to Chris Powell. When Chris met him for the first time, David did not even look up in his eyes. He just cried for help as he wanted to live his life to the fullest.
  • In order to help him, Chris devised a low carb moderate fat diet plan along with some moderate exercises. This might look simple on the surface, but the diary entries of David show the determination it calls for. For the trainer it was very important to suggest the meals that were tasty yet healthy. He elaborates, “If the diet is not good to taste, the person would not be able to have it for a long duration. I explained that he should take short meals all day long. Also the right combination the right planning are very important. For instance, you should not have proteins towards evening.”
  • Another interesting fact is that the trainer wanted him to walk as much as he could. Actually, at that time Smith could walk up to 500 feet only. To be precise, he struggled to walk even 5 feet without becoming out of breath. He yet tried tried and very slowly improved his performance.
  • The interesting part is that this success story does not enlist any weight loss diet pills. It is an example of sheer determination and work effort.

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